Trailer installation

Here are the steps to install our trailer bike rack kit.

Parts required for the installation of the trailer bike rack kit

All these parts are included with the purchase of the trailer kit.

  • Hitch car adapter
  • Anchoring foot (2)
  • Leg (left and right)
  • Central bar
  • Allen key
  • Padlock
  • Golden bolts 3/8 (4)
  • Nylon lock nuts 3/8 (4)
  • Allen screws 3/8 (8) (already placed in holes)

Step 1

  • Take the anchorage foot and place it on top of the tongue;
  • Insert a bolt on each side;
  • Place the anchorage plate under the tongue;
  • Tighten the nuts leaving a little space between the tongue and the nut;

Step 2

  • Enter the left and right legs in the central bar to be ready to insert into the anchoring feet (the Allen screws must face your trailer);
  • Insert the rack into the anchoring feet (round tube 8″ high);
  • Align the central bar with the center of the trailer rack.

Step 3

  • Tighten the Allen screws with your key as tightly as possible on the anchoring and legs so that the rack holds together.

Step 4

  • Tighten the anchoring foot nuts to make sure everything is tight.
  • Repeat the same steps for the second one.

Step 5

  • Insert the bike rack into the adapter on the central bar;
  • Push the bicycle rack as far as possible and insert your padlock (If the padlock rubs your trailer, you can move the bike rack away from the trailer and re-tighten the Allen screws);
  • Tighten the Allen screws as tightly as possible

For any explanation on bike racks, please see the “Vehicle installation” section.

You are now ready to go! The installation is done in about 15 minutes.

You are now ready to explore the world!