Vehicle installation

Vehicle installation

Here are the steps to install our bike rack on the hitch vehicle.



  • Bike rack
  • 2″ hitch adapter
  • Allen key
  • Allen screw 3/8″
  • Padlock

Not included

  • Lock hitch pin
  • Security cable

Step 1

  • Insert anti-rattle into to 2″ adapter
  • Insert the 2″ adapter into your hitch;
  • Align the hole of your hitch with the hole of our adapter to be able to insert your hitch pin;
  • Insert the hitch pin into the hole;
  • Slide the anti-rattle to the tip of your hitch and tighten the handle as tightly as possible.

Step 2

  • Unscrew the Allen screws enough to get the base of the bike rack into the adapter;
  • Enter the longest bar in first to facilitate entry of the smallest;
  • Tighten the Allen screws as tightly as possible with the Allen key;
  • The longest bar has a hole at its tip to insert a padlock to secure your bike rack and to increase its strength.

Step 3

  • Remove the pin located at the bottom of the center bar and lower it to facilitate the installation of the bike closest to the vehicle;
  • Adjust the wheel adapter according to the length of your bicycle;
  • Insert your bike into the wheel adapter and lower the hook on the frame of your bike;
  • Make sure to not leave any space between the hook and your bicycle and tighten the hook handle as tightly as possible;
  • For your second bike, please install it in the opposite direction and repeat the previous steps.

You are now ready to go! Installation takes about 5-10 minutes.

If you have a safety cable, you can lock your bike rack with your padlock in the hole at the base.

Safe travels!