60-days satisfaction guarantee or get your money back

Futura GP

THE WARRANTY Your warranty, a warranty of a quality product

Thank you for choosing us for your bike rack purchase. Here is the information concerning your Futura GP superior guarantees.

60-day satisfaction guarantee.
You bought your product directly from our online store? If you don’t like your Futura GP product, return it within 60 days and get refunded for your purchase price.

If you bought your product from one of our retailers, you have 30 days to benefit from the same warranty!

When you buy Futura GP, you are buying a product with a basic 1 year warranty.

The product you just have purchased is guaranteed for 1 year for all manufacturing defects. Futura GP will repair or replace any defective parts that did not last for the warranty period, at no charge.

The warranty does not cover :
i) Damage to third party products used in conjunction with Futura GP products.
ii) Damage to purchaser’s products or other persons.

Beyond this period, the life of the product will be strongly influenced by the maintenance and the conditions of use.

To benefit from this warranty, the buyer must contact one of our representatives to open a file. Once the manufacturing defect is established by our representative, the product will be repaired or exchanged. We may need to have the product in hand to make a decision. All shipping costs will be assumed by the buyer. In any case, we will do our best to ensure that you continue to enjoy your proudly received product.

An extended warranty of your product: 5 years

At Futura GP, we don’t limit ourselves to the basic warranty. We have analyzed each of our products to offer a superior warranty that reflects our confidence in our most prized products. For our bike rack and accessories, we offer a 5 years extended warranty for normal use. The Futura GP warranty is valid for conditions under our control and excludes normal wear and tear. Excess weight, improper assembly or adjustment, improper hitching, off-road use, theft, and other improper usage would void this warranty. In addition, the warranty does not cover cosmetic damage (oxidation, scratches, etc.). This extended warranty is neither redeemable nor transferable. To take advantage of the warranty, simply register on our website. By following the steps indicated on the sheet in the pouch. The original purchaser can contact us. Once one of our representatives has authorized the return and the customer has paid the shipping costs, we will receive your defective product, analyze and inform you of our solution for your problem. We will repair or refund your money in order to honor our superior quality guarantee.

Warranty extension form

Our social commitment
Futura GP creates high quality products that can be repaired. So if your product breaks or if you buy a used Futura GP product and you want to repair it or it contact us and we will help you preserve and extend the life of the product.

Product maintenance
In order to maintain the longevity of the product, here are some tips:

– It is important to avoid or delay rust. A simple way to do this is to grease or oil all friction parts such as the movement axes or the screwable parts.
– Storing the support in a dry place during periods of inactivity will increase its life time.